Hi, I’m Seth.

I’m a:

< Web Developer | Ethical Hacker | Bug Bounty Hunter >

I love to build, test, and discover things.

My recent certifications include:


Some of my projects include:

offwhite.dev – My notes on offensive security.

Electronics Reference – An educational website where I post about electronics, programming, and other things that are interesting to me.

– MS – Materials Science and Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University
— Research topic: Fabrication, Modeling, and Optimization of Stacked Liquid Crystal Cells for Correction of Reflection-Based Birefringence

– BS – Physics – SUNY Albany
— Research topics: Rutherford backscattering for semiconductor compositional analysis

I’ve always loved tech.

In previous lives, I have been an:

– Reliability Leader / Reliability Engineer
– NASA Research Fellow – Modeling of Electronic Materials
– Electrical Engineer – Smartgrid Power Systems & Industrial Controls
– Electronics Technician – Satcom/RADAR/Computer Systems

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